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Makeup Remover Packaging Tips

Le 5 novembre 2015, 08:15 dans Humeurs 0

All clients want their cosmetic packaging looks more luxurious, elegant, and rich. Yes, these are attributes associated with high end cosmetic products. And much of this perception is achieved by using paper food box to create the intended desire in a buyer. Cosmetic packaging box with special finishes and textures for products such as eye shadows and eyeliners, mascaras, and lipsticks increases perceived value, attracts attention, and drives sales. Now your packaging needs to convey that message of luxurious elegance. Create this desire and your product will stand out from your competitors.

Shangyu gift packaging box

Designing chocolate packaging box isn't difficult. On the contrary, it will be quite effective if you design your box from the consumer's point of view. A well designed custom printed box also allows you to define your product the way you want consumers to see it. If you're competing in a retail environment, you should be designing your box with the 2.6 second rule in mind. This is the average length of time your package has to persuade a consumer to pick your product up from a retail shelf. Rigid paper box and paper foldable box can be made into high end cosmetic packaging box.

Keeping in view the likings of your consumers and come up with inspirational packaging boxes for your makeup range. If the cosmetics are for teenage girls a box that has leopard or polka dots theme will receive a positive response. For bridal makeup the box should match the wedding setting. Summer makeup rigid paper box with cool color tones would convey your idea well. You can give an artistic touch to the makeup boxes by having them crafted in delightful shapes. Ivory, pink and red hued makeup boxes are laudable for their glam. We specialize in creating unique and attractive cosmetic packaging boxes. If there is a need, you can visit for more information.

about the Chinese gift-giving customs

Le 18 mars 2015, 06:26 dans Humeurs 0

Gift giving is customary all around the word, and it brings much joy whether you are on the giving end or the receiving end. As the giver of a gift, the intention is to bring  Pink rigid gift box and express a positive sentiment to the recipient.  As part of the Chinese gift-giving customs, the giving of gifts is especially important as it carries with it many good tidings and is related to prosperity and good luck.

In china, giving cash as gift is a commonplace. There’s nothing that beats cold hard cash, especially during birthdays, weddings and Chinese New Year. When giving cash gifts, the amount will depend on the occasion as well as the capacity of the giver. As a rule of thumb, the cash gift should at least be equivalent to the cost of the dinner of the person attending the party. The cash given is often newly printed money. It is considered bad taste to  Pink rigid gift box with ribbon handle

The Chinese gift-giving customs dictates certain points to avoid. You have to remember that you shouldn’t give four in any condition because the number four means death in china. At the same time, don’t give clocks, since this connotes death as well. What’s more, the giving of knives and scissors isn’t done because they are symbolic of cutting of ties. Instead you can give him some lucky number, such as eight. Eight is an especially auspicious or lucky number.

Just as there are auspicious numbers for the Chinese, there are also auspicious colors. Red is the most auspicious of colors and is widely used because it carries a tremendous amount of good  Asos cosmetic costume box. Not only is the money envelope in red, wrapping gifts in red-colored wrapping paper is also more desirable. In addition, the color gold is another popular color, which is why red and gold can often be seen together. However, the color red is to be avoided when writing the person’s name on a gift card, as this is bad luck. Avoid using white, known to the Chinese as the color of death. Black and blue may be sophisticated colors, but these are colors of death to the Chinese so avoid wrapping presents in these colors.

Last but not least, many foreigners should bury this in mind than chinese people always refuse your gifts three times before receiving your gift. Don’t be surprised if a gift is turned down thrice before being accepted. Also remember to use gift packaging box to package your gift to make it more delicate.

It's important for foreign visitors to learn about Chinese   Asos cosmetic gift and costume box to avoid an embarrassing or insulting moment. If you want to learn more information about gift-giving customers, you can visit www.shangyu

French Wedding Gifts

Le 13 mars 2015, 07:04 dans Humeurs 0

In France, sending the newlyweds on a short Luxury Shirt Gift Box is popular wedding gift among all French wedding gifts. A generous gift- a vocation is expected by many newlyweds. You may wish to consider a trip to France as a French wedding gift if you have a large budget. Paris is traditionally a romantic destination for couples, so a river boat cruise along the Seine and a guided tour of the Eiffel Tower are appreciate.

Sending a case of champagne to the bride and groom are French wedding gifts. It is recognized as a luxurious French wedding gift. The Champagne-Ardenne region in the north of France is home to the champagne houses and vineyards, but authentic French champagne is imported into the United States. You can order a case of champagne online because Champagne is widely available through online retailers specializing in bespoke and  Luxury Shirt Gift Box wedding gifts. Don’t forget to use a cardboard gift box to package your gift.

As we all know that France has an excellent reputation for the quality of fine food in its restaurants, so sending French food are appreciate French wedding gifts in France. The French patisserie products and delicatessen items are idea wedding gifts. You can choose a French food theme as a wedding gift to your budget. If the bride and groom enjoy French cuisine, treat them to a meal at a Michelin star-rated French restaurant if you have  Red Garment Gift Box, otherwise you can give a fresh basket of patisserie croissants, pastries and luxury preserves on a smaller scale.

Apart from French food, a gift for the home is a traditional wedding present choice. The antique French furniture is practical French wedding gifts. Antique dealers provide a certificate of authenticity and documentation with pieces of value, so acquire period pieces from a reputable source. You can also find antique French bedroom furniture, mirrors, screens and lighting in auction houses and salerooms. Reproduction furniture is an alternative to the real thing if you want chic French-style furniture at a budget price.

These are all great French wedding gifts ideas you can take into  Red Garment Gift Box when you are considering picking a lovely gifts for your loved ones. If you have more questions of French wedding gifts ideas, you can visit for more information.

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